Spectrum Lighted Mirrors For RZR

This kit is ideal for all RZR models including those with flat mount windshields. Our Patented mounting clamps fit any tube 1.25-2 inch. Polaris General or full wrap-around windshields are compatible using our bung mount fit kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our patented clamp is designed to fit your car even if you have a flat windshield.
If your windshield curves around your cage we offer our bung mount kit which will be your best mounting option!

Yes! This will work with a custom cage thanks to our Patented adjustable clamps. If you’re planning on building a custom cage in the future we also have the option for you to use our special thread-in mirror with a bung welded inside of your custom cage.

Yes! This is a pair of our Spectrum Lighted Mirrors.

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