From Night

to Bright.

Lights to see everything ahead,

Mirrors to see everything behind.

Discover what you're Missing.

Convex mirror for the best 2.5 times the view

Double your view!

Convex Curved mirrors give you 2.5X more view than a standard flat mirror.

Backing up alone? No problem. Group ride? See everyone behind you. At speed? No vibrations thanks to our Mirror stabilization technology.


No problem! Just flip around the clamp for a perfect fit.




Much more than a lumen count, experience the Difference.



Stand out of the crowd. With our easily removable bezels, you can powder coat or paint the bezels to perfectly match your ride.



Machined in the USA out of solid blocks of 6061 Aluminum. We know tough.


Anywhere you

want it.

Simply rotate the mirror for a rear facing worklight. Great for changing belts, closing gates, backing up at night, spotlighting a squirrel in the trees, etc.

Quick-Change Lenses.

Optional yellow-amber lenses are available to improve your vision in dusty or snowy conditions.

Unmatched Clarity.

With Advanced Coating techniques we have created a mirror that is ultra resistant to impact, AND perfectly clear. 

Wherever You Ride.

Sand Dunes?

Don’t transfer blind. See over the crest BEFORE you transfer thanks to the Sector Seven lighted mirrors ability to give you light beside and ahead of you.

Trail Riding?

See all your surroundings thanks to both integrated spot and flood beams. Makes for a beautiful ride, even at night. Or if you want to go fast, youll have all the light you’ll need.

Rock Crawling?

With our built in flood beams you can clearly see the obstacles surrounding your front tires giving you the power to climb at night.

Work & Utility?

Work smarter, safer, and faster by being able to see what you’re doing on the job.

Three Products In One Package.

Have a cleaner, easier install,
while also saving money by getting three products in one High-Tech package.

Light Bar

Spot Beams built into forward face gives you Forward Light Throw for higher speed driving.


LED Module placed at an outward angle with special wide beams gives you lighting not possible in a lightbar


Convex Curved mirrors give you 2.5X more rear vision than a standard flat mirror. Best mirror on the market.

Sector Seven Sponsored Riders

“Made in America and the quality shows! Gotta like that!” – Al McBeth

“Ridiculous A-pillar
LED mirrors”

“Sector Seven light up mirrors took a few hits but never broke and helped shine the way to the [King of Hammers] finish.”

Since 1997

With our motorcycle line of products, Pro Moto Billet, and Fastway, we have been manufacturing top of the line products since 1997.

Fit Your Ride

Pick your fitment for whatever you drive!


Polaris, Can-am, Honda, Yamaha, Segway, etc. Anything you have, we have a fitment.
Fit your JK Jeep with the Ultimate in design.

Whatever monster you’ve built, we’ll get you hooked up. 

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